What data does Credit Bureau store?

The Credit Bureau is an extremely important company in the economic life of a person, even if there is still uncertainty about which data of the person concerned will ultimately be stored. The anxious question: “What data does Credit Bureau actually save from me?” Can basically be answered very clearly, since it is not really a secret. Opposite

Almost everyone has a checking account nowadays and thus also a certain credit line that his credit institution grants him for short-term overdrafts on his checking account. However, what is generally known as the “overdraft facility” or even briefly as “overdraft facility” is nothing more than a form of a current account credit! This disposition framework is therefore a loan from a credit institution in

Loans for the self-employed

Loan conditions for the self-employed Freelance and self-employed always have a hard time getting a loan. They do not have a regular and secure income, so credit inquiries are usually answered immediately. Large companies with a corresponding business plan may have it pretty easy here – but it looks different with small 1-man companies, apparently hopeless. Many entrepreneurs maintain accounts,

Credit card comparison


Start a credit card comparison today and save a lot of money. Once you have found the right credit card provider, you can order the credit card you want straight away. Within just a few days, the new credit card will then be sent to you by post at significantly better conditions. Then you only have to

Loan comparison should definitely be done! Even if the decision has actually already been made, a price comparison is often made before buying a product. This should also be done with a loan. Because the loans often differ in terms of costs or interest. Research on the Internet should therefore be within a few

Is it worth it at all?

Is it worth applying for a loan in my situation at all? In any case, it is worthwhile to make such a credit request. The request is absolutely free and you have nothing to lose, even if you are currently not in a good financial position. There are only a few points that are prerequisites to apply for a loan in

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