You who are looking for alternatives to improve your business have certainly thought of how to invest in facilities for their clients. One example is the possibility of paying for the product or service you offer by credit and debit card. The credit card machine for freelancers and microentrepreneurs is already a reality. Acquiring one can be easier than you think.

So here we separate some information and tips for you to make the best option for your venture.


Why have a card machine?

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Having one more option for your client to make the payment is cause for celebration. After all, using credit or debit cards is a simple and often preferred form of consumer.

You who are microentrepreneurs or freelancers can invest in this technology and expand your business and billing with low administrative fees. In addition, there is also the possibility of anticipation of sales with the operator.

Practicality, flexibility and increased sales are the key words when thinking of benefit in having a credit card machine for standalone


Advantages of Credit Card Machine for Self-Employed

Advantages of Credit Card Machine for Self-Employed

To simplify your evaluation of the advantages, we list below some points to consider:

– Increase in sales: credit and debit cards are the most commonly used payment methods;

– Security: for you and your client. No money left in your pocket, the sale goes straight to your account;

– Convenience: charge your machine wherever you want, since many operate wirelessly or even directly through the smartphone;

– Do not stay behind the competition: probably the store next door accepts card and this can be a decisive factor of purchase by the consumer;

  • Low Cost: With so many new and small businesses on the market, card companies have granted lower costs to those who need the service.


Are there disadvantages?

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As any new you decide to implement in your business, a planning and organization of costs and investments must be studied in advance.

The microentrepreneur and the self-employed person must put in the tip of the pencil the monthly, annual and transaction costs that they will assume when acquiring a card machine. Then they should compare with your billing.

It is true that many companies offer the service of credit card machine to stand alone at low rates. Sometimes even without monthly charges or costs for the purchase of the device.

So, you need to know, research the market which company meets your needs and your business. After that, you can make the acquisition of the credit card machine to stand alone.


How to have a little machine?

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You, who are microentrepreneurs (MEI) or self-employed professionals, with a National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ) , can purchase a credit card machine.

To do this, you must present your professional registration of the responsible organ or the authorization to perform your activity, obeying the local legislation.

In addition to this document, you must have an individual current bank account. That is, it can not be savings account or joint account.

It is worth mentioning that these are more general data on how you can get your machine. It is necessary to individually research the policies and rules of each company. Rest assured, it’s not as complicated as it sounds.


What is the best option?

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It’s easy to get lost in such a large card-carrier market and it’s harder to decide which one is the best company for your business. The cost and benefit factor should be the main motivator to find out the best option.

Having said all that, it is very likely that you will now see the possibility of the micro-entrepreneur card machine as a new step to leverage your business. Then, pencil, paper, bead sheets in hand and get organized to get yours!

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